Semux Public Pools

This tool tracks real on-chain payouts made by public pools. When you refer to these historical payouts, you should take into consideration diminishing returns per marginal vote. If you vote X amount of SEM on a pool, voting 2X amount will not yield you 2x the profit. If 1000SEM gives you 1 SEM return on a pool, voting 2000SEM will not give you a 2 SEM return.

Best way to go is to split your votes between many public pools that have high enough payouts and low total number of votes.

AP - delegate of Animal Pool

Pool NameVotesPayout for 1000 votes Annual yieldLast Payout
prime115,6550.476 SEM17.38%10 hours ago
smartpool116,1030.444 SEM16.21%12 hours ago
public128,5540.438 SEM16.00%6 hours ago
melvin117,5920.438 SEM15.98%6 hours ago
general03115,1160.437 SEM15.94%18 hours ago
general04115,8460.437 SEM15.94%18 hours ago
general01116,2420.437 SEM15.94%18 hours ago
general02125,6990.437 SEM15.94%18 hours ago
ananke117,0750.428 SEM15.62%a day ago
gost111121,2420.421 SEM15.36%8 hours ago
firefly AP93,1690.414 SEM15.11%18 hours ago
alligator AP93,7130.414 SEM15.11%18 hours ago
lobster AP94,3790.414 SEM15.11%18 hours ago
gorilla AP94,5750.414 SEM15.11%18 hours ago
bear AP94,6330.414 SEM15.11%18 hours ago
elephant AP95,3730.414 SEM15.11%18 hours ago
hamster AP97,0990.414 SEM15.11%18 hours ago
dolphin AP97,4630.414 SEM15.11%18 hours ago
iguana AP99,6970.414 SEM15.11%18 hours ago
camel AP103,3670.414 SEM15.11%18 hours ago
jaguar AP209,5110.414 SEM15.11%18 hours ago
coffee_pool127,2380.410 SEM14.96%9 hours ago
mandelbrot123,5560.408 SEM14.88%10 hours ago
not paying dragon114,0960.406 SEM14.82%2 days ago
leoirssi133,7980.394 SEM14.39%6 hours ago
sempool121,4010.392 SEM14.30%8 hours ago
lvl3pool129,5330.391 SEM14.25%18 hours ago
phash120,6720.383 SEM13.97%a day ago
kolten126,5340.377 SEM13.77%7 hours ago
rintd148,7670.370 SEM13.51%12 hours ago
savel134,5980.361 SEM13.16%9 hours ago
sofia140,5360.360 SEM13.13%5 hours ago
not paying tiger116,1860.359 SEM13.10%2 days ago
zmogi160,2130.351 SEM12.80%6 hours ago
eldorado133,0250.345 SEM12.61%11 hours ago
semuxpool_com112,4900.314 SEM11.47%11 hours ago
mddsemuxpool2122,4480.298 SEM10.86%11 hours ago
100_tokenpar_com129,4690.286 SEM10.45%13 hours ago
not paying freedom109,0360.286 SEM10.42%16 days ago
spring107,2330.273 SEM9.95%7 hours ago
mddsemuxpool123,1100.271 SEM9.90%11 hours ago
not paying night116,8220.256 SEM9.34%2 days ago