Semux Public Pools

This tool tracks real on-chain payouts made by public pools. When you refer to these historical payouts, you should take into consideration diminishing returns per marginal vote. If you vote X amount of SEM on a pool, voting 2X amount will not yield you 2x the profit. If 1000SEM gives you 1 SEM return on a pool, voting 2000SEM will not give you a 2 SEM return.

Best way to go is to split your votes between many public pools that have high enough payouts and low total number of votes.

AP - delegate of Animal Pool

Pool NameVotesPayout for 1000 votes Annual yieldLast Payout
public112,9960.505 SEM18.44%15 hours ago
halo_pay16110,8000.488 SEM17.82%7 hours ago
savel114,5400.460 SEM16.78%17 hours ago
mddsemuxpool112,6250.458 SEM16.71%18 hours ago
phash116,8380.457 SEM16.67%9 hours ago
kolten113,6180.455 SEM16.62%16 hours ago
rintd112,2520.450 SEM16.43%6 hours ago
leoirssi117,1460.449 SEM16.40%15 hours ago
mddsemuxpool2115,0250.446 SEM16.29%18 hours ago
coffee_pool113,1480.446 SEM16.28%2 hours ago
zmogi119,3510.442 SEM16.12%15 hours ago
ananke113,8330.440 SEM16.07%6 hours ago
alligator AP38,4950.440 SEM16.07%5 hours ago
lobster AP97,3130.440 SEM16.07%5 hours ago
bear AP98,3000.440 SEM16.07%5 hours ago
dolphin AP98,4120.440 SEM16.07%5 hours ago
elephant AP98,4550.440 SEM16.07%5 hours ago
hamster AP98,7310.440 SEM16.07%5 hours ago
camel AP98,9770.440 SEM16.07%5 hours ago
firefly AP99,3460.440 SEM16.07%5 hours ago
gorilla AP99,9200.440 SEM16.07%5 hours ago
iguana AP100,7790.440 SEM16.07%5 hours ago
jaguar AP104,4590.440 SEM16.07%5 hours ago
semuxpool_com110,3870.436 SEM15.93%18 hours ago
mandelbrot113,9900.431 SEM15.73%19 hours ago
melvin116,4810.426 SEM15.54%15 hours ago
tiger110,4410.423 SEM15.45%16 hours ago
night109,4900.421 SEM15.38%16 hours ago
prime112,3680.421 SEM15.37%19 hours ago
sempool113,0980.421 SEM15.37%16 hours ago
lvl3pool120,9820.417 SEM15.23%3 hours ago
smartpool114,3900.414 SEM15.10%20 hours ago
sofia123,4260.413 SEM15.07%13 hours ago
general04110,6570.411 SEM15.01%11 hours ago
general01111,8760.411 SEM15.01%11 hours ago
general03112,6790.411 SEM15.01%11 hours ago
general02114,4220.411 SEM15.01%11 hours ago
freedom112,9240.394 SEM14.39%16 hours ago
tent113,3190.393 SEM14.34%16 hours ago
spring113,3400.393 SEM14.34%16 hours ago
dragon113,7320.391 SEM14.29%16 hours ago
100_tokenpar_com106,7110.338 SEM12.32%20 hours ago
gost111113,3000.322 SEM11.76%14 hours ago