Semux Public Pools

This tool tracks real on-chain payouts made by public pools. When you refer to these historical payouts, you should take into consideration diminishing returns per marginal vote. If you vote X amount of SEM on a pool, voting 2X amount will not yield you 2x the profit. If 1000SEM gives you 1 SEM return on a pool, voting 2000SEM will not give you a 2 SEM return.

Best way to go is to split your votes between many public pools that have high enough payouts and low total number of votes.

Pool NameVotesPayout for 1000 votes Annual yieldLast Payout
rintd102,3070.588 SEM21.46%20 hours ago
kolten93,8430.536 SEM19.57%3 hours ago
public99,3920.528 SEM19.28%2 hours ago
lvl3pool103,0700.508 SEM18.54%14 hours ago
phash106,5760.504 SEM18.38%20 hours ago
mddsemuxpool2103,5740.496 SEM18.10%6 hours ago
mddsemuxpool104,6740.492 SEM17.96%6 hours ago
halo_pay16110,9330.491 SEM17.94%18 hours ago
smartpool99,2710.481 SEM17.55%8 hours ago
semuxpool_com99,3960.477 SEM17.42%6 hours ago
leoirssi110,5030.477 SEM17.40%2 hours ago
gost111104,6040.477 SEM17.40%4 hours ago
sempool101,1770.477 SEM17.39%4 hours ago
general0399,0210.475 SEM17.32%18 hours ago
general0199,0280.475 SEM17.32%18 hours ago
general0299,0460.475 SEM17.32%18 hours ago
general0499,6910.475 SEM17.32%18 hours ago
sofia101,4450.473 SEM17.28%30 minutes ago
freedom100,3700.470 SEM17.14%3 hours ago
prime100,5810.469 SEM17.10%6 hours ago
camel99,0860.457 SEM16.69%15 hours ago
lobster99,1210.457 SEM16.69%15 hours ago
gorilla99,2000.457 SEM16.69%15 hours ago
firefly99,2590.457 SEM16.69%15 hours ago
alligator99,2700.457 SEM16.69%15 hours ago
iguana99,3030.457 SEM16.69%15 hours ago
jaguar99,4420.457 SEM16.69%15 hours ago
dolphin99,4820.457 SEM16.69%15 hours ago
bear99,7540.457 SEM16.69%15 hours ago
hamster99,8330.457 SEM16.69%15 hours ago
elephant99,8380.457 SEM16.69%15 hours ago
mandelbrot111,6370.451 SEM16.44%6 hours ago
savel112,9630.450 SEM16.41%5 hours ago
zmogi118,0520.446 SEM16.27%2 hours ago
blackcat100,8700.442 SEM16.13%3 hours ago
spring101,3050.440 SEM16.05%3 hours ago
dragon106,4490.434 SEM15.83%3 hours ago
night103,6680.430 SEM15.68%3 hours ago
tiger104,3680.427 SEM15.60%3 hours ago
tent107,3890.425 SEM15.52%3 hours ago
pool_borderline145,4060.368 SEM13.43%a day ago