Semux Public Pools

This tool tracks real on-chain payouts made by public pools. When you refer to these historical payouts, you should take into consideration diminishing returns per marginal vote. If you vote X amount of SEM on a pool, voting 2X amount will not yield you 2x the profit. If 1000SEM gives you 1 SEM return on a pool, voting 2000SEM will not give you a 2 SEM return.

Best way to go is to split your votes between many public pools that have high enough payouts and low total number of votes.

AP - delegate of Animal Pool

Pool NameVotesPayout for 1000 votes Annual yieldLast Payout
kolten210,5860.501 SEM18.28%2 days ago
sofia232,1850.453 SEM16.53%20 hours ago
gost111217,0690.428 SEM15.60%2 days ago
leoirssi246,6960.419 SEM15.30%a day ago
ananke147,5060.418 SEM15.25%13 hours ago
public243,8980.416 SEM15.17%2 days ago
zmogi299,8830.401 SEM14.62%2 days ago
rintd206,3820.396 SEM14.47%17 hours ago
lvl3pool184,0650.331 SEM12.10%10 hours ago
prime170,9270.316 SEM11.53%2 hours ago
smartpool163,7650.293 SEM10.71%3 hours ago
savel202,6920.276 SEM10.08%a day ago
mandelbrot171,2620.263 SEM9.60%2 hours ago
melvin207,4290.263 SEM9.59%a day ago
phash233,3760.253 SEM9.23%16 hours ago
eldorado178,7170.246 SEM8.96%2 hours ago
100_tokenpar_com119,3990.037 SEM1.36%4 hours ago