Semux Public Pools

This tool tracks real on-chain payouts made by public pools. When you refer to these historical payouts, you should take into consideration diminishing returns per marginal vote. If you vote X amount of SEM on a pool, voting 2X amount will not yield you 2x the profit. If 1000SEM gives you 1 SEM return on a pool, voting 2000SEM will not give you a 2 SEM return.

Best way to go is to split your votes between many public pools that have high enough payouts and low total number of votes.

AP - delegate of Animal Pool

Pool NameVotesPayout for 1000 votes Annual yieldLast Payout
sofia307,4070.364 SEM13.30%a day ago
prime138,5000.341 SEM12.45%9 hours ago
rintd208,8570.340 SEM12.40%a day ago
mandelbrot160,2050.335 SEM12.21%9 hours ago
ananke189,8150.331 SEM12.08%21 hours ago
eldorado177,8430.295 SEM10.76%10 hours ago
lvl3pool333,0870.292 SEM10.65%17 hours ago
public435,6790.288 SEM10.51%5 hours ago
melvin219,7310.248 SEM9.04%5 hours ago
savel357,1720.133 SEM4.87%8 hours ago
100_tokenpar_com120,8830.049 SEM1.77%12 hours ago